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The way Tempura is served
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A full course Japanese dinner
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Shabu-shabu set
Dining and Drinking
Restaurants and other dining spots offer tasty dishes in a wide range of price. You will enjoy variety Japanese cuisine. Drinking in groups at bars, clubs and other night spots after work is one of popular Japanese pastime. Most cities and towns have lots of drinking places.

Where to dine?                                                                 Sake Making Video
High-class restaurants
High class restaurants are located in the best hotels or in fashionable places such as Ginza, Roppongi, Akasaka and Harajuku in Tokyo. They are very expensive.

Popular Restaurants
Popular restaurants are located in office building basements, the dining floors of department stores, urban shopping centers, and around the busiest railway stations. They have inexpensive price range and have plastic models of their dishes with price in a showcase outside the entrance.

First food and Noodle restaurants - YouTube
Fast food restaurants, such as MacDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Noodle restaurants, are located in or around railway stations. These are very popular among young generation and busy business person.

Japanese style drinking places
Robatayaki pub - YouTube
Robatayaki is a kind of barbecue style Japanese restaurant that grills seafood and other tasty treats in front of the customer and often serves on long-handled shovels that slip the food on the customer's plate.

Akachochin bars - YouTube
Akachochin take their name from the red lantern strung up by the entrance. They serve a variety of drinks and a la carte dishes.

Yakitoriya - YouTube
Yakitoriya are Japanese pubs that serve bite-size chunks of chicken and other selections barbecued on skewers.

Sake World

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